Q: Can I get a smaller or larger combination of the band?

A: Yes. Though not always possible all the time, we still try to accommodate every budget. We can go from a duo to several pieces. It’s up to you to decide how large or small a group you would like. And as you might have guessed, our fee would be proportionate to the size you request.

Q: Are we willing to travel?

A: Yes, we will travel to almost anywhere as long as all our expenses are covered by you.

Q: Can we learn songs that do not appear on our play list?

A: Absolutely Yes. But the amount of songs we  learn must be left to our discretion due to time constraints.

Q: For weddings do you do all the announcing?

A: Yes. We handle all of the announcing (ex. Introductions, ceremonial dances etc.) as well as any other M.C duties. It is our responsibility to keep the reception live and fun and we do just that.

Q: Can you provide music for the wedding ceremony or social hour?

A: Sure we can ! We can provide music for the ceremony and/or the cocktail hour if you like. There would be an additional fee.

Q: How many hours do you book for when you book a wedding?

A: We book for 4 hours which begins at the conclusion of the social hour. Recorded musical selections are played during the social hour but we can offer live music instead for an additional cost

Q: Is it OK if a member of the family (who sings or plays an instrument) comes on stage to do a song or two?

A: It is absolutely OK!! We love involving people in our show when appropriate. The more involvement the more fun we have. There is no problem if someone wanted to perform.

Q: How do I go about booking the Floyd Patterson Band?

A: Please email the details using the form on the Contact Us page, or call 413-657-1670